Our portable gas detectors are designed for easy and affordable measurement of indoor and industrial air quality. They are used by indoor air quality consultants, health and safety experts at industrial and commercial sites as well as researchers who are interested in measuring hot spots and testing personal exposure to harmful indoor gases.

Measure a wide range of common indoor air pollutants

The portable gas detectors can be configured with a wide range of gas sensor heads. Each sensor head is simply plugged into the detector and monitoring can begin. The detector does not require additional configuration, allowing sensor heads to be swapped out quickly and easily in the field. Some options include: ozone, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and formaldehyde.

Accurate and reliable measurements

Every sensor head undergoes a multi-point calibration and linearisation against NIST traceable standards at the Aeroqual factory. The minimum detection limit of our sensors is at ppb levels allowing for increased sensitivity at a higher resolution. The gas detector also has the added feature of span and zero calibration options which means on-site calibration and testing can be performed.

Which monitor is suitable?

The Series 500 portable gas detector has all the features. It is capable of logging data in real time and comes with free PC software for data interpretation and management. The Series 300 is designed specifically for applications where gas concentrations need to be controlled. It has both control and alarm outputs which are user defined. Alternatively, our entry level monitor, the Series 200, can be used to display minimum, maximum and average readings and is designed for short term measurement of indoor hot spots.