Nitrogen Dioxide NO2

Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) is a highly reactive gas formed via the oxidation of nitric oxide. NO2 is typically used as a signifier for the presence of other nitrogen oxides (NOx).

How is NO2 produced?

Although it can be found naturally, it’s mostly human activity in urban areas that causes high levels of nitrogen dioxide. NO2 primarily gets in the air through the burning of fossil fuels, most commonly via motor vehicle exhaust. Energy production can also produce high concentrations of NO2. This includes any industry that uses combustion processes, such as power plants, electric utilities, and industrial boilers.

Indoor nitrogen dioxide concentrations are usually caused by unvented combustion appliances, such as gas stoves and heaters. Other sources include commercial manufacturing, welding, and food manufacturing. High concentrations of outdoor NO2 can also influence indoor levels.

What are the health risks and environmental effects of NO2?

Nitrogen dioxide at high concentrations causes inflammation of the airways. Long-term exposure can lead to respiratory problems such as asthma and bronchitis and cause irreversible damage to the respiratory system. Areas with high-density road networks close to large populations are most at risk of over-exposure. For those with pre-existing conditions, along with children and the elderly, this risk is more pronounced. NO2 and other NOx interact with water, oxygen, sunlight, and other chemicals in the atmosphere to form acid rain and photochemical smog.

Why use an Aeroqual NO2 sensor?

A comprehensive air quality monitoring plan can help combat these risks. Aeroqual offers both a fixed or portable NO2 sensor, able to measure air continuously and in real-time. Check pollution hotspots, meet all local regulations, protect workers and the community, and make informed decisions using the latest in cutting-edge sensor technology.

Gas-sensitive semiconductor (GSE) NO2 sensors are susceptible to cross-interference from ozone (O3) when measuring outdoor air. Aeroqual has developed a new 0-1 ppm nitrogen dioxide (NO2) sensor head containing an integrated ozone filtering layer for more accurate results. For more on the challenges of using electrochemical NO2 sensors and how we’ve designed innovative solutions to overcome them, check out this blog.

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