Wind is a critical factor when measuring particulate matter or designing a dust monitoring plan (for example, during construction or remediation activities.)

Why is it important to measure wind during air quality monitoring?

Airborne particles can be carried long distances, impacting the level of risk for surrounding communities depending on the direction and speed of wind patterns (which can be ever-changing.) The placement of real-time monitors at upwind and downwind locations is a key element of certain legislation, including Rule 1466. Wind can also play a role in how airborne gases are dispersed, altering the level of potential risk to communities depending on the weather.

What options can Aeroqual provide for measuring wind?

Aeroqual offers a range of fixed real-time monitors with optional plug-in wind, weather, and noise sensors. These monitoring systems are suitable for outdoor dust and particulate monitoring, used by industrial operators, environmental consultants, researchers, and health and safety managers worldwide.

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