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Met One’s popular EBAM Plus and Black Carbon monitors are now available as add-on integrations to Aeroqual’s AQS and Dust Sentry monitors and Aeroqual Cloud software.

Aeroqual and Met One Instruments have today announced the expansion of their partnership that will see the combination of reference and near reference particle monitors into a single integrated air monitoring package.

Environmental professionals have long trusted Met One’s reference particle monitors (the BAM and EBAM Plus) for compliance monitoring, and in recent years the BC-1060 Black Carbon monitor has provided new insight to particles that pose a serious human health risk.
Those same customers use Aeroqual’s ‘Near Reference’ monitors, the Dust Sentry and AQS 1, to extend and sometimes supplement more expensive and complex monitoring equipment like the Met One reference particle monitors. Being more mobile, cost-effective, and offering real-time data they offer a nice complement to the reference monitors.

The benefit of coupling Near Reference and reference monitors into a network is that it allows regulatory monitoring to be extended using smaller more cost-effective monitors, whilst ensuring the data delivered can be compared to and checked against the reference monitors. This achieves greater monitoring coverage at a lower cost, whilst maintaining traceability and defensibility.
The Met One monitors can be wired directly into the Dust Sentry and AQS 1 power and data interface. Data is transmitted to secure data servers. This reduces communications cost by eliminating a modem and data plan for the Met One monitors.

TRIPLE THREAT: Aeroqual AQS1, Met One E-BAM Plus and BC-1060 black carbon monitor combined as a single air monitoring package with Aeroqual Cloud is a compelling solution for the Air Quality Monitoring Program at the Devil’s Gate Reservoir Restoration Project, California. The air monitoring stations and locations were approved by LA County Public Works, California Air Resources Board, South Coast Air Quality Management District, and local community groups.

Customers access the data using Aeroqual Cloud, software that is accessed via a secure web browser interface (no software to install). The data from the Met One monitors and the Aeroqual monitors can be viewed all in one dashboard. In addition, alerts can be set on the Met One monitors as well as the Aeroqual monitors.

Paul Pickering, VP Sales, says: ‘This hybrid offering from Met One and Aeroqual gives our customers a third option that achieves greater coverage for less cost, yet compromises little on data quality and defensibility. We’re all about making air monitoring projects easy for environmental professionals, and this is another step towards that goal.’

Tom Pottberg, Met One President, says: ‘The Aeroqual partnership continues from strength to strength. Their focus on the mid-market between reference monitoring and low-cost particle sensors is complementary to Met One’s focus and gives our customers new choices.’

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