• Portable particulate monitor PM2.5 and PM10
    US$ 1,640.00
  • Dust Sentry PM10 MCERTS & Rule 1466 SCAQMD

    Dust Sentry PM10 Dust Monitor

  • PM2.5 monitor
  • Dust Profiler - Dust and Particle Counter

    Dust Profiler – Dust and Particle Counter

  • TSP Dust Sentry - Dust and Particulate Monitor

    Dust Sentry TSP – Monitor Total Suspended Particulate

Dust monitoring devices and equipment

Here is our range of dust monitoring instruments and devices designed for continuous real-time measurement of ambient dust and particulate matter outdoors. More information below the products.

Our dust monitors are used widely in industrial applications like quarries and mines, construction, bulk handling terminals, and waste treatment facilities.

They are also used by researchers and consultants in air quality studies and environmental impact assessments. Cities and governments are deploying a network of monitors (e.g. for PM2.5 monitoring) as an alternative to high cost traditional monitoring equipment.

Benefits of continuous real-time monitoring

Traditional sampling methods like high volume samplers are great for accurate measurement of dust and particulate matter at a fixed point in time or over a 24 hour period, but they cannot indicate exactly when an emissions event occurred. An industrial site needs to know immediately when a problem has occurred so they can put into practice control measures.

Researchers and consultants need higher temporal resolution to give meaning to the data. A continuous real-time monitor from Aeroqual can be used in both these applications.

Free web-based data acquisition software

All our monitors come with Aeroqual Cloud – our web-based data and diagnostics software that connects you to your monitor wherever you may be. Connect to your data by using any web-enabled device simply by opening your web browser and entering your login details. The software allows you to see real-time data in table or chart format, run averages e.g. 1 hr, 8 hr, 24 hr, and download it to your computer. It also gives you access to remote diagnostics. The software is completely secure and you can assign access rights to any number of users.

Get alerts by SMS/text and email

On a site where dust is tightly controlled there is nothing like getting an alert in real-time to let you know that mitigation is needed. That’s why all our monitors are able to alert you by SMS/text and email as soon as dust reaches a certain level. Limits can be set to whatever is appropriate for the site.

A range of phone numbers and email addresses can be entered so that even if one person is busy, the message will get through. It’s also possible to trigger a relay output that will activate a strobe or alarm in a high dust level event.