A growing number of environmental consultants are using sensor-based methods to gather air quality data on client projects that are budget and time constrained.

Aeroqual supports consultants by providing flexible, integrated monitoring solutions that take the hassle out of monitoring projects – and we uphold best practices for accuracy and traceability so that the resulting reports and recommendations are defensible.

Environmental consultants - air monitoring solutions



SCS Engineers

Air Monitoring at remediation site to comply with SCAQMD Rule 1466

Modern Geosciences

Landfill and Remediation air quality study

Connecticut DEEP

Co-location study with agency reference station


Air quality impact assessment for proposed childcare facility

New York City DEP

Mobile air monitoring to address localized air quality issues

Wembley City Regeneration

Construction compliance with dust emission guidelines


Air quality characterization study for proposed offshore energy production

Sonoma Technology, Inc

High spatial air quality study to verify new location for FEM station

Air quality tools the professionals choose

Our monitoring solutions are used by leading environmental consultants to solve typical monitoring challenges such as:

  • Provide assurance to communities and sensitive receptors around brownfields, landfills and remediation sites
  • Help construction sites mitigate noise and dust emissions in real-time
  • Gather accurate real-time NO2 measurements on roadside monitoring studies
  • Validate air quality and climate change models with localized measurements
  • Carry out environmental impact assessments on greenfield developments
  • Ensure safe workplaces according to industrial hygiene practices
  • Conduct IAQ and WELL building assessments to certified standards

By choosing Aeroqual you’ll be joining a community of customers from around the world.

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Featured Environmental Consultant

Modern Geosciences – Trusted Environmental Advisors

Kenneth Tramm - Modern Geosciences

Founder and visionary of Modern Geosciences, Kenneth Tramm, PhD, PG, CHMM is committed to developing comprehensive, fact-based solutions for his client’s unique environmental challenges.

Where industrial operations meet the urban environment, particularly in places close to sensitive receptors, communities have been increasingly calling their city leaders to action to address air quality concerns. But municipalities face uncertainty – how do you tackle the fenceline question, especially in densely populated areas where multiple activities occur in close proximity?

Municipalities in the southwestern United States call Dr. Tramm when they want to tackle this question. While each scenario is going to be different, there are some basic components to good investigation design. These include understanding climactic conditions over a study, targeting key contaminants that are the most indicative of a concern, and including enough data points so you understand background air quality in your investigation area.

Modern Geosciences - AQM 65 stations

Beyond collecting good data, you need to have a team that can make this into an understandable report or presentation with proper regulatory comparisons and an explanation of risk. Then you are ready for that room full of agitated stakeholders or continuous monitoring of a cynical industrial facility. Modern Geosciences has a responsibility to their clients to deliver a cost-effective solution that provides definitive data, is repeatable, calibrated, verifiable, and actionable.

After extensive research Dr. Tramm chose to invest in three customized Aeroqual AQM 65 air monitoring stations that offered near-reference data quality, measured multiple parameters in a single system, and could operate in harsh conditions. Modern Geosciences liked the ‘plug and play’ aspect, Cloud software platform to manage the data and the support Aeroqual staff provided.

Recent successes include a sewer alignment issue through a residential area, major municipal landfill, and multiple oil and gas padsites that have encroached into residential neighbourhood. The Aeroqual equipment compliments other real-time tools Modern Geosciences uses to help client get definitive answers to air quality questions.

Dr. Tramm noted, ‘We chose to invest in this technology now because we want to have the tools and expertise available for when a client needs a solution.’

The world grows smaller every day and citizen scientists are becoming accustomed to having access to data that demonstrates how any neighbouring facilities are impacting their quality of life. In years past clients looked at air monitoring as only something you did in response to a regulatory violation and otherwise avoided for fear of “inconvenient data”.  Now it is becoming an expectation of sophisticated urban citizens.

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Partner with us

Our sensor-based instruments are helping companies to deliver air quality monitoring solutions for budget and time constrained projects.

We’d like to partner with you on your next air monitoring project.

Paul Pickering - Business Development Aeroqual

Paul Pickering

VP Sales

Drew Dintaman Business Development Manager at Aeroqual

Drew Dintaman

Business Development Manager

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