Aeroqual Cloud Software

All-in-one air monitoring software

Our web-based air quality monitoring software, Aeroqual Cloud, gives environmental professionals access to air quality data in a way that drives effective decision-making and action.

Thanks to our two-way communication software, you can adjust settings on your instrument without going to site. Access is through the same software interface you go to for real-time air quality data.

The good news is a free version of Aeroqual Cloud comes standard when you purchase any Aeroqual outdoor air quality monitor, such as the AQM 65, AQS 1, AQY 1, or Dust Sentry.


All-in-one Application

Aeroqual Cloud Software Explained

Remotely access your real-time air quality data, and manage your monitor network – anywhere, anytime.

Easy to setup

Easy to Set Up

Configure and calibrate your outdoor monitor via WIFI. Set up alerts when air quality data readings exceed your chosen threshold.

Easy to use

Easy to Use

Simply open your internet browser and login. The interface is fast, intuitive, and modern. Your air quality data is secure.

Easy to share

Easy to Share

We give you full control of your air quality data – via API, FTP, email or download – in industry standard format.

Easy to report

Easy to Report

Data is displayed using simple and advanced charting functions to allow you to report on your air quality data.

Easy to manage

Easy to Manage

View all your Aeroqual outdoor instruments, monitoring performance and maintenance requirements.

Easy to integrate

Easy to Integrate

Plug in all your third-party devices – noise, weather, reference monitors – and view all your data in one dashboard.

Easy to manage

Easy to Support

Our air monitoring software enables Remote Technical Support to access, diagnose and troubleshoot your outdoor monitors.

Choose your Aeroqual Cloud Plan

We are committed to reduce the hassle, cost and risk associated with most air quality monitoring projects, so you can focus on providing a healthy and safe environment for people in your care, neighboring communities, and our planet.

That’s why our air quality monitoring software comes standard when you purchase any Aeroqual outdoor monitors. All of them include their own computer and a WIFI router to quickly connect the instrument to the network. Get easy access to air quality data from Aeroqual Cloud on any web browser, 24/7, on site (mobile, tablet) or from your office (desktop).

We offer two plans to suit your needs:


Basic data access and remote technical support functionality only


Included as standard with your outdoor air quality monitor

Aeroqual Cloud Support is included in the purchase of every outdoor air monitoring system from Aeroqual. Users get a free unlimited license to the software. With Aeroqual Cloud Support, you can:

  • Communicate with your outdoor monitor
  • Enjoy full air quality data security
  • View real-time data in tables
  • Perform diagnostics and calibration
  • Add and edit data journal entries


Full data functionality and monitor all your projects in one place


Varies by monitor type

Aeroqual Cloud Plus gives you and other trusted users access to all of your outdoor air quality monitors via secure third-party servers. Includes all features of Aeroqual Cloud Support, plus:

  • Set up SMS and email alerts
  • Access third-party sensor data
  • Enjoy advanced charting features
  • Trigger remote data export
  • Manage all your monitors in one place
  • Get advanced technical support
  • Full API access

Compatible Monitors

  • AQM65

    AQM 65 Ambient Air Monitoring Station

  • Dust-Sentry-PM10-MCERTS1
  • AQS1 Construction Air Quality Monitor
  • AQY 1 micro air quality monitor

    AQY 1 – Micro Air Quality Monitoring System