AQY 1 Sales On Hold From 18 March 2021

AQY 1 Sales On Hold From 18 March 2021

A critical component in the AQY has gone end of life. A replacement component is dependent on an internal technology project the timeline for which is uncertain. For that reason we have put sale and supply of the AQY on hold until further notice. We will focus on supporting existing customers and continue to actively develop and deploy our network calibration tools.

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We have other options that may suit your project, we’d love to help, please Contact Us.

Yes, the specifications can be found here.

Absolutely, we have some details on our Support pages here.

Yes, we will try to support product in the field until 31 March 2026. Subject to availability, substitute parts may be supplied where the original item is no longer available or has been superseded. Support for substitute or non-standard parts may not be possible.

Our intention is to provide a lower cost air quality monitor in the future, though we currently have no timeline for replacement.