Carbon Dioxide Analyzer Module

Carbon Dioxide Analyzer Module

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is a significant greenhouse gas that is monitored globally due to its impact on the earth’s climate. Anthropogenic sources of CO2 are typically combustion processes, including burning fossil fuels for energy production, industrial activities, and transportation.

Increasing concentrations of atmospheric CO2 have been shown to have profound implications for the Earth's climate, leading to rising temperatures, altered weather patterns, and long-term environmental changes.

Learn more about CO2 measurement principles, specifications and performance on the carbon dioxide measurements page.

Module specifications

Sensor Code


Range (ppm)

0 - 2000

Display Resolution (ppm)


Noise: Zero (ppm); Span (% of reading)

5; 1%

Limit of Detection (ppm)



3% of reading or 10 ppm

Linearity (% of FS)


24 hr Drift: Zero (ppm); Span (% of FS)

1; 0.6