Hydrogen Sulfide Analyzer Module

Hydrogen Sulfide Analyzer Module

Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) is a strong smelling compound often associated with industrial processes, such as sewage treatment or waste disposal.

H2S is not listed among the six criteria health pollutants cited by the U.S. EPA. However, legislation controlling the levels of H2S in ambient air is defined in most countries and many jurisdictions have ambient exposure standards for H2S.

Learn more about H2S measurement principles, specifications and performance on the hydrogen sulfide measurements page.

Module specifications

Sensor Code


Range (ppb)

0 - 10,000

Display Resolution (ppb)


Noise: Zero (ppb); Span (% of reading)

1; 0.1%

Limit of Detection (ppb)



1% of reading or 3 ppb

Linearity (% of FS)


24 hr Drift: Zero (ppb); Span (% of FS)

<1; <0.5%