Hydrogen Sulfide Analyzer Module

Hydrogen Sulfide Analyzer Module

Sensor Code



0-10000 ppb

Sensor Type




Lower detectable limit/ppb



3 % of reading or 12 ppb


The H2S module is a continuous sensor-based hydrogen sulfide analyzer used to detect pollutant gas in ambient air. It can also be used to detect point source emissions. The module is designed for use in the AQM 65 compact air monitoring station.

The hydrogen sulfide analyzer module incorporates next-generation electrochemical cells with nano-catalyst coated working electrodes that provide higher sensitivities. The lowest possible detection limits are achieved by proprietary signal processing, adding a zero cycle scrubber, and maintaining the AQM 65 enclosure at a constant temperature.

Just like a traditional analyzer using UV fluorescence, this sensor-based H2S module can be field calibrated using standard calibration equipment and gases. This ensures direct traceability to USEPA (40 CFR Part 53) and EU (2008/50/EC) certified equivalent method instruments.

In contrast to traditional analyzers using UV fluorescence, the H2S module is compact, lightweight, and costs 5 x less to own and operate.

Typical applications

Typical applications include:

  • Waste water treatment plant monitoring

  • Landfill perimeter monitoring

  • Geothermal power station perimeter monitoring

  • Checking pollution ‘hotspots’

  • Air quality research

  • Environmental impact assessments (EIA)