Ozone Analyzer Module

Ozone Analyzer Module

The O3 module is a continuous sensor-based ozone analyzer used to detect pollutant ozone gas in ambient air. The module is designed for use in the AQM 65 compact air monitoring station.

The ozone analyzer module incorporates Aeroqual’s proprietary gas-sensitive semiconductor (GSS) sensors. This GSS sensor is a tungsten oxide (WO3) formulation that is particularly sensitive to O3 when operated at elevated temperatures. The sensor is subjected to periodic zero flow conditions and temperature cycling. This compensates for sensor drift and cancels interferences from NO2 and VOCs.

Just like a traditional analyzer using UV absorption, this sensor-based O3 module can be field calibrated using standard calibration equipment and gases. This ensures direct traceability to USEPA (40 CFR Part 53) and EU (2008/50/EC) certified equivalent method instruments.

In contrast to traditional analyzers using UV absorption, the O3 module is compact, lightweight, and costs 5 x less to own and operate.

Typical applications

Typical applications include:

  • Urban and national ambient air quality monitoring

  • Winter and summertime ozone studies

  • Checking pollution ‘hotspots’

  • Agriculture and forestry impact studies

  • Air quality research

Sensor specifications

Sensor Code



0-0.5 ppm

Sensor Type



< 0.001

Lower detectable limit/ppm



< 0.002 ppm 0 to 0.1 ppm