: Auckland, New Zealand

    Carl is responsible for growing revenue and gross margin at Aeroqual (and has done a great job of growing both since joining us back in early 2012). In practice this means wearing many hats – sales, marketing, product management, customer support, business development and technical services – as well as setting and driving the business strategy with Mark. Did we mention IT? He’s in charge of that too!

    He believes that by listening to customers, designing products for their needs, communicating the benefits and building the right support processes, then his team should never have to “sell” anything.

    Carl is a trained scientist with 15 years broad commercial experience in growth stage technology companies. He has lived and worked in Asia, Europe, and Australasia and has done business in all the other four continents excluding Antarctica (though he hasn’t ruled it out).

    The best thing about working at Aeroqual in Carl’s opinion is bringing air quality information to people and places where previously there was none.