: Auckland, New Zealand

    As one of the original founding pair Dr Geoff really has been here since the beginning. The vision that Aeroqual pursues today is largely the vision Geoff and co-founder David Williams had since day one. (For more about our history please see the History tab above.)

    Geoff leads technology development and the advancement of intellectual property at Aeroqual. He also helps customers fix problems that no one else knows how to fix. Thankfully that happens less and less these days, which frees him up to travel the world and tell people about the wonders of using low cost low power sensors for measuring air quality.

    The Dr in Dr Geoff comes from having a Ph.D in Physical Chemistry, and over 20 years experience in air quality instrument development including several significant patents. As you might expect he says many clever things. One of his favourites is “bifurcation” which we all know is just another way of saying two things (isn’t it?).