: Auckland, New Zealand

    Jeremy’s job is to make sure that all our sensors and instruments are produced, calibrated, checked, and delivered on time. He manages a team of in house technicians as well as a vast network of specialist suppliers and somehow makes it all come together in the end.

    Prior to joining Aeroqual 7 years ago Jeremy worked for one of Aeroqual’s sub suppliers so he has been involved with the company almost as long as we’ve been making things. A long time ago he studied electrical engineering at Auckland University of Technology and has been putting it to good use for the last 17 years.

    If Aeroqual had a mascot Jeremy would be it. He makes us laugh, he’s often here till late making sure things get shipped on time, and he always wears his Aeroqual t-shirt with pride. His greatest innovation – electronic wizadry aside – is Bacon Fridays, a tradition which holds great significance at the company.