A ‘low cost’ air quality monitor, the AQY gives you air quality information that’s scientifically credible, and relevant to where you live, work and play. Set up as a single device or deployed as a network of monitors, the AQY reports key urban pollutants in real-time. Use the AQY for:

  • Smart city grid monitoring
  • Mapping pollution sources
  • Roadside monitoring networks
  • Community exposure studies
  • Protecting health and safety of students
  • Validating air quality models
Aeroqual AQY1 urban set up


AQY 1 micro air quality monitor

AQY 1 - Micro Air Quality Monitoring System

The Aeroqual AQY multi-sensor units performed very well compared to more expensive FEM/FRM instruments and overall showed excellent correlation for ozone, and very good correlation and high accuracy for NO2 and PM2.5.

AQ-SPEC: Air Quality Sensor Performance Evaluation Center, South Coast AQMD


The AQY air quality monitor produces scientifically credible data, yet is simple to set up and use. Designed for:

Smart cities who want air quality and environmental data to show that their city is an attractive place to live, work and invest in.

Air quality professionals who need a real-time alternative to diffusion tubes and samplers, or a more affordable alternative to analyzers.

Community groups who need a cost-effective way to gather scientifically credible air quality data that will be treated with respect by their stakeholders.

Educators who want students to learn about air pollution in a way that supports STEM subjects and promotes environmental awareness.

Health and safety managers who need to demonstrate that they are providing a safe environment for the people in their care.

Researchers who want to collect as much scientifically robust air quality data as possible on a limited budget.

AQY1 who is it for?


Aeroqual AQY 1 what does it measure?

The AQY measures the main pollutants found in urban environments: particulate matter (PM2.5), ozone (O3) and nitrogen dioxide(NO2). These three pollutants are known to have the biggest impact on people who live in cities and the health effects have been well-documented.

  • Particulate matter (PM2.5)
  • Ozone (O3)
  • Nitrogen dioxide (NO2)
  • Temperature
  • Relative humidity
  • Dew point


The AQY combines our leading class technology to deliver a low cost air quality monitor that’s smart and accurate. Check out the tech in more detail below.

How it works: AQY Technology

Key Features

Aeroqual icon - heat managementHeat management

Solar shield with high reflectivity, external vent and internal heat stabilization.

Aeroqual icon- humidity and temperature compensationHumidity & temperature compensation

Improves measurement quality in humid conditions for PM and NO2 sensors.

Aeroqual icon - system diagnosticsSystem diagnostics

Data is collected in real-time, allowing immediate identification of the operational status of sensors.

Aeroqual icon - correction on deviceCorrection on device

All measurement correction is done on the device, which increases confidence in the scientific validity of the data.

Aeroqual icon - interference rejectionInterference rejection

Ozone sensor rejects NO2, temperature and RH, which commonly trouble other ozone sensors; NO2 sensor rejects ozone, which commonly troubles electrochemical NO2 sensors.

Aeroqual icon - flexible comminicationsFlexible communications

Wirelessly sends data to you in real-time.

Aeroqual icon - long life laserLong-life laser

Long-life PM laser lowers cost of servicing; flow compensation maximizes useful life of sensor in high PM conditions.

Aeroqual icon - traceable calibrationTraceable calibration

Dual calibration of PM2.5 and to NIST traceable standard and true NO2 factory calibration provides scientifically valid measurement.

Aeroqual icon - active sampling Active sampling

Ensures a more representative measurement of ambient air for ozone and PM.

Aeroqual icon - low noice electronicsLow-noise electronics

Improves quality of signal especially at low ppb levels.

Aeroqual icon - inert materialsInert materials

Built from stainless steel, PFA and PTFE materials that ensure no target analyte is lost.

Aeroqual icon - GSS ozone technologyGSS ozone technology

Aeroqual’s industry-leading tech that people rave about.

Aeroqual icon - Anti static inletAnti-static inlet

Minimizes particle matter loss in the sampling system.

EASY AS 1-2-3

Clean air now project

Step 1 – Set up your AQY

The AQY can be mounted to a wall, pole or railing. Though intended to operate in a fixed location, the quick set up time means it can be easily relocated. Install somewhere with good airflow and away from emission sources e.g. vents.

AQY 1 easy to gather data

Step 2 – Gather data

Particulate matter, gas and environmental parameters are recorded by the AQY air monitoring device simultaneously and in real time. The AQY reports data in 1-minute intervals and has on board storage for over 5 years of data.

AQY 1 easy to analyze data

Step 3 – Analyze data

Analyze your data to identify trends and map pollution sources. Users can view where your monitors are located on a map, average data and do deep analysis by plotting charts with data from multiple devices.


Aeroqual takes a measurement-first approach, offering an air quality monitoring device that produces scientifically-credible data. The AQY has been tested in a range of environments: New Zealand (very low pollutant levels), Beijing (very high pollution levels), Southern China (high humidity and temperature), as well as Los Angeles (a bit of everything).

Results from a field evaluation by AQ-SPEC (Air Quality Sensor Performance Evaluation Center) in L.A. compared data from the AQY (v0.5) to that of Federal Reference Methods (FRM) and Federal Equivalent Methods (FEM).

AQ-SPEC summary:

  • Ozone (O3) sensors showed an excellent correlation with a more expensive instrument: R2 >0.95
  • Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) sensors showed a very good correlation with a more expensive instrument: R2 >0.74 and high accuracy
  • Particulate Matter (PM2.5) sensors showed a very good correlation with more expensive instruments: GRIMM R2 >0.84 and BAM R2 >0.83 and high accuracy
  • Temperature and relative humidity sensors showed excellent correlation with SCAQMD Met Station sensors: temperature R2 >0.91 and relative humidity R2 >0.94

View the full field evaluation report


By choosing Aeroqual you’ll be joining a community of customers, some of them household names.

The Aeroqual AQY 1 is the best instrument I’ve seen for non-professionals seeking a serious air pollution measurement capability, since the device measures three different pollutants: particulate matter, ozone, and nitrogen dioxide (as well as temperature and dew point).

Dr Jeff Masters, Weather Underground

Featured Case Study

AQY pilot community-level monitoring in LA - SBVC Child Development Centre

Los Angeles Community Air Monitoring Network

U.S. EPA STAR grant and research programme in NZ encourages project on community-level air monitoring in Los Angeles using low-cost sensors.