• Measure the key pollutants of concern in the urban environment
  • Monitor particulate matter (PM), nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and ozone (O3) at the same time
  • Proven 1 part-per-billion (ppb) detection of O3 and NO2
  • Highly selective O3 and NO2 measurements, no cross-interference
  • Excellent correlation to US EPA / EU approved reference analyzers
  • Measurement and correction is done on device, independent of cloud servers
  • Measures and reports data in 1 minute intervals with user selectable averaging
  • On board storage for over 5 years of data
  • Rugged weatherproof enclosure with solar shielding for hot climates
  • Quick set up and relocation in under 10 minutes
  • Flexible data outputs: direct download, email / SMS alerts, FTP, API.


  • Mapping pollution sources
  • Roadside monitoring networks
  • Validating air quality models
  • Protecting air quality sensitive industries e.g. data centers
  • Building management systems
  • Community exposure studies
  • Protecting health and safety of students
  • Smart city grid monitoring.

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The AQY 1 is designed for small or large scale networks deployed in urban environments. Small, cost effective, and user friendly it can be used by air quality professionals and those who are new to the science of air quality measurement (like schools and other community organisations).

It’s a small (we say ‘micro’ to distinguish from our compact AQM and mini AQS stations) air quality monitoring station, the size of a two-slice toaster that measures the following parameters:

  • PM2.5
  • Ozone
  • Nitrogen Dioxide
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Dewpoint

We focus on PM2.5, ozone and nitrogen dioxide because they are the three main pollutants in most cities, and the pollutants known to have the greatest impact on the people who live in them. They are also the three parameters we can measure most accurately using low cost sensors.

Outwardly simple, the AQY has a number of key technical advantages:

  • Active fan-sampling (better than simple diffusion)
  • Aeroqual’s best in class GSS ozone sensor
  • Interference-free NO2 measurement
  • Auto correction of humidity effects on PM2.5 measurement
  • Ability to be calibrated remotely.

Data correction and optimisation is done on the device, not in the cloud. We believe this ensures the integrity of the data and helps to maintain confidence in the measurement.

The AQY comes with the same software package as our professional grade AQM and AQS products. The software is browser-based and allows users to view multiple devices on a map, average data, plot charts with multiple devices and parameters, and manage the devices remotely – e.g. trouble-shooting, changing settings, updating firmware. For more information on the software try this page.

The AQY communicates wirelessly – WIFI, 4G cellular, and mesh options are all available. The AQY has on board storage to ensure no data ever gets lost. In addition data can be downloaded directly from the instrument if required, which is handy in case you lost your internet connection for example.

Power is mains-supplied via a 12VDC outdoor-friendly plug pack. Solar and battery power is possible though not currently available as a factory-standard option.

The unit mounts to walls, poles or railings using a supplied mounting bracket or simply with cable ties. Weighing approx. 1kg, the AQY is intended to operate in a fixed location yet it can be moved from place to place with relative ease.

  • Weatherproof enclosure with integrated aluminium solar shields
  • Ozone (0-0.5 ppm O3) GSS gas sensor with integrated zero cycle
  • Nitrogen dioxide gas sensor with integrated zero cycle
  • Optical particle sensor
  • 12VDC power supply and plug pack
  • Pole and wall mount brackets
  • Communications: WIFI, 4G cellular, mesh network (optional)
  • Embedded microprocessor and storage
  • Aeroqual Connect instrument operating software
  • Aeroqual Support, web-based software (free subscription, unlimited users)
  • Documentation (Hard Copy: User Guide, Calibration Certificate; Soft Copy on USB stick)
  • Manufacturer’s Standard 12 month Warranty
  • Unlimited access to Aeroqual’s Online Training System
Aeroqual AQY micro air quality station

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