Why use a CO2 sensor?

Carbon Dioxide gas (CO2) is composed of a carbon atom bonded to two oxygen atoms. It is a naturally occurring gas which is vital for life on Earth. In the atmosphere it is present at trace concentrations and acts as the primary source of carbon in life. It is also an important greenhouse gas. Carbon Dioxide absorbs and emits infrared radiation causing warming of the Earth’s surface and lower atmosphere.

Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide

CO2 is constantly being exchanged among the atmosphere, ocean and land surface as it is both produced and absorbed by many plants and animals. In nature this is a balanced system however since the industrial revolution there has been a significant increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide due to human activity. The main sources of carbon dioxide gas include electrical generation, transportation and industrial processes which all involve combustion of fossil fuels.  An increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide will lead to many damaging environmental processes including global warming and ocean acidification. Aeroqual make portable and fixed monitors with a CO2 sensor suitable for atmospheric carbon dioxide gas measurement.

Indoor Carbon Dioxide

Indoor carbon dioxide concentrations are strongly correlated to human metabolic activity. People are the main source of carbon dioxide emissions in indoor environments due to CO2 being the main gas emitted during respiration. The higher the number of occupants in a building, the higher the concentration of carbon dioxide. Elevated levels of CO2 can lead to drowsiness, headaches as well as a reduction in productivity. Most heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems re-circulate the indoor air leading to increasing carbon dioxide concentrations. It is therefore important to measure the indoor air quality to ensure levels are maintained at healthy levels. One of the Aeroqual Indoor Portable Monitors with CO2 sensor would be suitable for measuring indoor carbon dioxide concentrations.

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