• AQM 65 Ambient Air Monitoring Station

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  • AQM 65 Air Monitoring Station with Integrated Calibration

Why choose an air quality system from Aeroqual?

Our compact air quality systems provide the optimum balance between accuracy and affordability. The AQM 65 is a fully integrated monitoring package – gases, particles and environmental parameters are measured, logged and reported simultaneously. With ‘near reference’ performance the AQM 65 can be used to measure common air pollutants at levels required by most international ambient air quality standards.

Accurate air quality information, made affordable

The AQM 65 system balances the need for lower cost, distributed air quality measurement with the need for
data that is robust, reliable and defensible (‘near reference’). In head-to-head field trials the AQM 65 demonstrates strong statistical correlation to US EPA and EU approved reference analyzers. Yet the complete AQM 65 – weighing just 30kg – costs three to five times less than an equivalent reference station.

Air quality data – anywhere, anytime

The AQM 65’s compact size opens up new monitoring locations and applications. Now you can measure with confidence at both macro level and in the micro-environment. And it’s easy to move from one location to another; you can be set up and collecting data in under an hour. With secure wireless communications and
a cloud based user interface, your data is protected and available wherever and whenever you need it.

A customized, fully integrated air monitoring system

You choose the parameters you wish to measure. The modular design makes any combination possible and means you can add parameters in the future. We integrate and test the modules and environmental sensors here at our factory and ship the fully integrated system to you for installation and commissioning (courtesy of one of our sales and service agents).

Which air quality system should I choose?

The AQM 65 can be configured with as many sensors – gases, particles, environmental – as you wish. Each one is custom configured to your requirements. The AQM 65 can be ordered with an integrated calibrator that allows you to calibrate the system without visiting site. The standard option is without integrated calibration. In this case the system is calibrated using a portable calibrator such as the AirCal 1000.