Why use an H2S Detector?

Hydrogen sulfide gas (H2S) is a naturally occurring colourless, toxic gas which has a very distinct odor even at very low concentrations. It is formed as a result of bacterial breakdown of organic matter containing sulfur in the absence of oxygen. Natural sources include hot sulfur springs, lakes, swamps and volcanic gas. Human activity can increase the release of hydrogen sulfide and due to it’s toxicity, concentrations should be closely monitored.

Industrial Release of Hydrogen Sulfide

Hydrogen sulfide gas will be formed whenever sulfur containing compounds come into contact with organic matter at high temperatures. Some of the main industrial sources of hydrogen sulfide emissions include coke production, waste-water treatment plants, landfill sites, farms, wood pulp production and oil refineries. An increase in atmospheric hydrogen sulfide can lead to eye irritation, nausea and shortness of breath. If concentrations continue to increase it can eventually damage the nervous system and result in death. Aeroqual can provide a fixed or portable H2S detector suitable for measuring hydrogen sulfide concentrations at a range of industrial or naturally occurring sites.

Nuisance Monitoring

Hydrogen Sulfide can be defined as a nuisance gas at industrial sites which are located close to built up areas. Humans can smell hydrogen sulfide gas at concentrations as low as 10ppb. The odor is very offensive and has a similarity to rotten eggs. In general, people exposed to such low concentrations of hydrogen sulfide will not suffer health problems however it is still unpleasant due to the strong smell. Monitoring even at lower levels is therefore very common to understand who in the surrounding area will be exposed and by how much.

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    Hydrogen Sulfide Analyzer Module

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    Hydrogen Sulfide H2S Sensor 0-100ppm

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    Hydrogen Sulfide Sensor 0-10ppm