SM50 – Ozone Sensor Circuit


  • PPB levels of detection at a fraction of the cost of analyzers
  • Complete ready to integrate ozone sensor circuit
  • Factory calibrated and traceable back to reference standards
  • Active fan sampling ensures best possible measurement
  • Proprietary firmware for enhanced signal processing
  • A range of outputs available – analogue, digital, relays


  • Ambient air quality monitoring
  • Low cost sensor networks
  • Medical devices
  • HVAC
  • Ozone generator control
  • Food and beverage
  • Sanitation
  • Refrigeration

Aeroqual manufactures a multi-functional ozone sensor circuit designed for use by Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) who wish to access our state of the art sensor technology and integrate it into their own equipment.

The SM50 ozone sensor circuit provides ppb level ozone measurement in a flexible cost effective package. Each module is factory calibrated and ready to use with a multi-point calibration (NIST traceable).

Outputs include analog voltage, relay and status indicators with optional RS232 or RS485. Standard inputs include dipswitch settings for the relay and calibration buttons. Optional inputs include two analog voltages and two x GPIO which can be used to connect a temp/RH sensor.

Pre-loaded firmware gives access to proprietary algorithms developed by Aeroqual to optimize measurements and enhance data output. The firmware can be adjusted to trigger an alarm above or below a user selected setpoint, or to control output to stay within +/-10% of the setpoint.

For selected partners we can customize the SM50 ozone sensor circuit specifically to your requirements and can provide specialist design input on how to take the best possible measurements for any given application.

For more information around measuring ozone, please view our general guidelines on measuring ozone and factors that can affect ozone measurement.

  • Gas sensitive semiconductor sensor
  • Circuit board incl. outputs
  • Proprietary firmware
  • Factory calibration certificate

The ozone sensor module is available in the following ranges:

OZU Ozone 0-0.15 ppm

OZL Ozone 0-0.5 ppm

OZG Ozone 0-10 ppm

View all sensors – (OEM only available for ozone sensor type GSS) (PDF) >>

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