Welcome to Aeroqual, world leaders in air quality monitoring for outdoor environments. Our integrated sensor systems are used in over 70 countries, processing more than 6 million measurements a day. In 2017 the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency signed a co-operative R&D agreement with us to accelerate towards a future of lower cost, more distributed air quality monitoring.

We make a range of outdoor air quality monitors: portable, fixed, entry-level and premium. Feel free to browse the selection below, or contact us to talk to one of our experts about your requirements.


  • Portable particulate monitor PM2.5 and PM10
  • AQY 1 micro air quality monitor

    AQY 1 – Micro Air Quality Monitoring System

  • AQS1 Compact Ozone and PM2.5 Monitor

    AQS 1 Urban Air Quality Monitor

  • Outdoor portable monitor starter kit
    US$ 2,680.00

    Outdoor Air Quality Test Kit (Starter)

  • Outdoor portable monitor pro kit
    US$ 4,810.00

    Outdoor Air Quality Test Kit (Pro)

  • Aeroqual Cloud - Air Quality Monitoring Software

    Aeroqual Cloud, Air Quality Monitoring Software

  • Series 200 - Portable Air Quality Monitor

    Series 200 – Portable Air Quality Monitor

  • Series 500 - Portable Air Quality Monitor

    Series 500 – Portable Air Quality Monitor

  • AQS1 Construction Air Quality Monitor
  • AQS1 Remediation Air Quality Monitor

    AQS 1 Remediation Air Quality Monitor

  • AQS1 Ambient Ozone Monitor

    AQS 1 Ambient Ozone Monitor

  • AQS1 Smog Monitor
  • Aeroqual AQM BTEX Benzene Monitor
  • AQM65

    AQM 65 Ambient Air Monitoring Station

  • AQM 65 Air Monitoring Station with Integrated Calibration

  • Dust-Sentry-PM10-MCERTS1
  • Dust Sentry PM2.5 Dust and Particulate Monitor

    Dust Sentry PM2.5 Monitor

  • Dust Sentry Pro - Dust and Particle Counter
  • Dust Sentry TSP - Dust and Particle Counter

What type of outdoor air quality equipment do I need?

  • For quick and easy portable monitoring of gaseous and particulate pollutants check out the Series 200 or 500 portable air monitors. Great for consultants, researchers, and schools.
  • For small air quality sensors to measure common urban air pollutants at a local level, try the AQY micro station.
  • For defensible industrial fenceline monitoring of dust and particulate in outdoor environments have a look at the Dust Sentry.
  • For defensible industrial fenceline monitoring of the fugitive dust and gas emissions, and for robust urban air quality studies, check out the AQS 1 products.
  • For the highest possible data quality, the AQM 65 compact air monitoring system monitors gases, particulate matter, and environmental parameters, in a rugged enclosure designed for long term monitoring even in extremes of heat and cold.

Why choose air monitoring equipment from Aeroqual?

Established in 2001, Aeroqual has spent two decades perfecting sensor-based air quality monitoring in a variety of applications and climates in more than 70 countries. Our integrated air quality monitoring systems have been tried and tested by government, researchers and consultants such as New York City Department of Environmental Protection, Rio Tinto, AECOM and NASA. We understand the application of low cost sensors in ambient air monitoring and the importance of delivering actionable and reliable data better than anyone.

Portable air monitors recognized by the US EPA

In the US EPA’s 2014 Air Sensor Guidebook Aeroqual’s Series 500 was highlighted among a handful of manufacturers. The Guide featured our ozone, nitrogen dioxide, and carbon monoxide sensors.

MCERTS, a world first for dust monitoring

Our Dust Sentry PM10 was the world’s first nephelometer to pass the MCERTS indicative particle monitoring standard of the UK’s Environment Agency. To do so required a 40-day head to head comparison between two Dust Sentries, two beta attenuation monitors (BAMs), and a FRM partisol.

Near reference air monitoring pioneers

Launched in 2008, the AQM 60 pioneered a new ‘near reference’ air monitoring category. Data quality and traceability is to the highest possible standards for sensor-based air quality instruments. A fundamental difference is our insistence on the importance of field calibration by standard reference materials to ensure maximum confidence in the data being reported. The AQM 60 has now been updated and replaced by the all new AQM 65.

Air quality data for environmental professionals

Aeroqual Cloud, our cloud-based air quality monitoring software, enables environmental professionals to monitor air quality data in real-time, and manage all Aeroqual outdoor instruments plus selected third-party sensors in one application. Aeroqual Cloud comes standard when you purchase any Aeroqual outdoor fixed monitor, such as the AQM 65, AQS, AQY 1, or Dust Sentry.