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The AQM is 10 years old – and the air sensor industry is growing up too

Our AQM is 10 years old. We look back at the journey of our AQM air quality station, the challenges faced and the road ahead for the next generation AQM.

03 Dec 2018
Aeroqual is ISO Certified

Our certification under ISO-9001-2008 is a result of increased emphasis on quality systems at the company.

14 Aug 2018
AQ-SPEC blog banner
AQ-SPEC evaluates Aeroqual’s AQY sensors

Aeroqual has always been committed to a measurement-first approach and with confidence in the data quality produced by our monitors, we wanted to independently demonstrate that with a reputable test partner.

25 May 2018
US EPA and Aeroqual work together for low cost air quality sensor future
U.S. EPA and Aeroqual will work together for low cost air quality sensor future

We are excited to say that we are collaborating with the United States Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA) to accelerate towards the future of low-cost air quality sensing.

28 Mar 2018
The highs and lows of building a 100 air quality sensor network in LA
Postcard from L.A. – the highs and lows of building a 100 air quality sensor network in Los Angeles

We’ve teamed up with SCAQMD, UCLA and several LA community groups to set up a network of 100 air quality sensors in communities throughout the Greater LA area.

16 Mar 2018
AQY, the smart urban air quality monitor
AQY, the smart air quality monitor, now available

(Article last updated 27 June 2018)

11 Dec 2017
Smart cities air quality sensing – can technology match the hype?

In the last 12 months we have seen a sharp increase in customers wanting to purchase sensors that can be integrated into smart city networks. Smart cities represent a fantastic opportunity to increase the density of air quality sensing which in turn increases the relevance of air quality information to communities and the individuals within [...]

16 Nov 2017
Air quality leadership
New report confirms Aeroqual as a leader in air particle monitors

A new report into the market for airborne particle monitors has highlighted Aeroqual as a leader in the field. According to the latest market study released by Technavio, the global air particle monitoring system market is projected to grow to at a CAGR of more than 7% up to 2021. Titled “Global Air Particle Monitor System […]

28 Aug 2017
New report identifies Aeroqual as a leader in environmental sensors for air quality

A new report into the market for environmental sensors and monitoring has highlighted Aeroqual as a leader in the field. According to the latest market study released by Technavio, the global environment monitoring and sensing market is projected to grow to USD 20.37 billion by 2021, at a CAGR of more than 5% over the […]

08 May 2017
Say hello to the AQS1 compact air quality monitor!

We are pleased to announce a new arrival in our ambient air monitoring product line up – the AQS 1 compact air quality station. Our factory is now accepting advance orders for delivery in March 2017. The AQS 1 combines the proven particle measurement technology from Aeroqual’s AQM 65 and Dust Sentry products (1000s of [...]

02 Feb 2017
Air quality technology wins Innovative Hardware Award at Hi Tech Awards

We are very proud to announce that air quality technology from Aeroqual has won a major prize at the 2016 NZ Hi-Tech Awards. Our AQM 65 compact air quality monitoring station took the top award in the Most Innovative Hi-Tech Hardware Solution category.   HOW IS THE AQM 65 INNOVATIVE? Most noticeably, the AQM 65 packs a complete [...]

23 May 2016
Remote dust monitoring just got easier thanks to free data and diagnostic software

Demand for remote dust monitoring is so strong we decided to make our cloud based software available on the Dust Sentry and Dust Profiler products – absolutely free. The new product versions, released to the public today, are compatible with the same Aeroqual Connect and Cloud software system as our market-leading AQM 65 compact air […]

05 Jun 2015
Environmental Parameters
Environmental monitoring made easy with the AQM 65 compact air quality station

When people talk about air quality monitoring they tend to think about the measurement of gaseous and particulate pollution in the atmosphere. Indeed that is the main reason why people invest in air monitoring systems like the AQM 65 compact air monitoring system. But that is only half the story. There is a very close […]

13 May 2015
Air quality leadership
Aeroqual named in top 10 global suppliers of air quality monitoring equipment

Rising air pollution drives growth in air quality monitoring According to market research released today Aeroqual is now a major player in the market for air quality monitoring equipment, a market forecasted to be worth $6,147.77 Million by 2019. The company is recognized alongside other major players such as 3M Corporation, Honeywell International and Thermo Fisher Scientific. The […]

08 Apr 2015
Aeroqual Cloud air monitoring experience
Why Aeroqual Cloud gives you the best air monitoring experience

We recently released a cloud based instrument operating system, Aeroqual Cloud, now for use on the AQM 65. In conjunction with Aeroqual Connect, Aeroqual Cloud helps you stay connected to the instrument and access your data wherever you may be giving you a high quality air monitoring experience. For a general introduction to Connect and […]

17 Mar 2015
AQM 65 air quality monitoring
AQM 65, new compact air monitoring station

The AQM 65 was announced to the press and public today, a very proud moment for all of us at Aeroqual as well as our partners around the world. Orders are being accepted with first units shipping in April 2015. It is with some sadness that we say goodbye to the AQM 60, ground-breaking when [...]

18 Feb 2015
Aeroqual Cloud
Release of Aeroqual Connect and Aeroqual Cloud

We are pleased to announce the release of Aeroqual Connect and Aeroqual Cloud, which are available for upgrade and retrofit on all AQM 60 units. Aeroqual Connect is our new instrument operating system featuring a modern user interface and advanced data management tools. Connect forms the bridge between user and instrument via wifi, Ethernet, or modem […]

20 Jan 2015
US EPA Air Sensor Guidebook
US EPA Highlights Series 500 Leading Low Cost Air Sensors

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) has published a guide for those looking to invest in low cost air sensors for the purposes of measuring ambient air quality. The Series 500 is highlighted as leading the pack for measuring ozone, nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide. Valuable guidance for low cost air monitoring The US […]

26 Sep 2014
AQM 60 Performance Presented at US EPA Air Sensors 2014

Our CTO Dr Geoff Henshaw presented this Poster at the recent US EPA Air Sensors 2014 event in Raleigh, NC.

20 Jun 2014
Ozone Network Map
Sensor Network Combats Vancouver Air Pollution

A wireless sensor network deployed in the Fraser Valley to the east of Vancouver has provided air quality scientists with a powerful yet cost effective weapon in the fight against ozone pollution.

During the summer months when sunlight reacts with vehicle exhaust, ozone can reach levels that are harmful to humans, crops, and the environment. This phenomenon is exacerbated in and around cities, particularly when natural features conspire to lock in smog – which is exactly what happens in the Fraser Valley where the surrounding mountains trap the air pollution produced by Vancouver.

22 May 2014
Cement Plants & Factories, UAE: Fenceline Air Pollution Monitoring

Cement Factories in the United Arab Emirates, in accordance with Council of Ministers Resolution No. 37 for the year 2001 Regulating Federal Law No. 24 of 1999 Concerning Protection and Development of the Environment, are now obliged to measure the amount of respirable dust in ambient air using competent equipment and provide related monthly reports.

31 Jan 2014
Dust Sentry Is Certified

Aeroqual is proud to announce the Dust Sentry real-time outdoor particulate monitor has achieved MCERTS certification from the UK’s Environment Agency. MCERTS is the only independent certification available for indicative particulate monitors and is gaining rapid acceptance worldwide.

12 Nov 2013
Revolutionising Outdoor Air Surveys

Auckland, New Zealand – June 5, 2013

Aeroqual continues to revolutionise the way researchers, consultants, and environmental managers gather outdoor air quality data, thanks to the rapid take-up of its Series 500 ENV handheld monitor. Lightweight and ultraportable the Series 500 ENV accurately measures common air pollutants down to ambient concentrations – as low as ppb in some cases.

12 Jun 2013
Take On IAQ With Our Handhelds

Aeroqual has released upgrades to its world-class handheld ozone monitors, enabling them to simultaneously measure five of the most commonly requested indoor air quality parameters: carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, VOCs, temperature and humidity. More gases, such as formaldehyde and ozone, can be added simply by swapping one sensor head for another – making these the most versatile monitors on the market today.

10 Apr 2013
Turkish Mayor Prefers AQM60

The Mayor of Bornova, a fast-growing metropolitan district in the region of Izmir, Turkey, has backed a project which sees accurate, real-time air quality information delivered direct to the citizens of his city.

25 Mar 2013
Handheld Monitors Get A Refresh

We’re launching new features on our handheld monitors today: the Series 200, 300, 500.

Our handheld monitors are used the world over and in every kind of application from the factories of Samsung in Korea to the oilfields of Kuwait, not to mention Antarctica! The versatility of interchangeable sensor heads means they can be used for precise indoor and outdoor air quality measurements, as well as for industrial health and safety.

01 Feb 2013
Formaldehyde Sensor For IAQ Monitoring

In response to growing demand from our customers active in the indoor air quality monitoring market, Aeroqual is pleased to announce the release of a formaldehyde sensor option for our handheld, fixed, and IQM60 products.

20 Nov 2012
New team to drive Aeroqual growth

After a period of expansion in products and markets the Board has appointed a new Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Mark Templeton, to replace Brett Wells. Mark’s role will be to consolidate Aeroqual’s position as a leader in the emergent field of indicative air quality monitoring and to manage the company through a sustained period of growth.

07 Sep 2012
New Sensor Heads Expand Performance

Three new sensor heads have been added to the Aeroqual product portfolio. All three are based on electrochemical technology. The new CO and SO2 sensors provide greater sensitivity than their GSS counterparts. Codes for these sensors are; carbon monoxide = EC, hydrogen sulphide = EH and sulphur dioxide = ES.

15 Dec 2010
Latest AQM60 Enhancements

We are listening to the market and so the AQM60 continues to evolve to a better product with more options. Some of the notable recent improvements to note are…

09 Dec 2010
AQM60 Gains Worldwide Acceptance

The AQM60 continues to gain acceptance worldwide as a reliable approach to outdoor ambient air quality monitoring. It is based on proven technology, it compliments air quality reference sites and allows for real time modelling of air quality standards and patterns.

07 Nov 2010