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Dust Sentry on a Remediation Site
Dust Sentry or Dust Sentry Pro – Which dust monitor is right for you?

Aeroqual makes two different types of instrument for measuring airborne dust and particulate matter – the Dust Sentry and Dust Sentry Pro. Comparing the two instruments side-by-side, we make it easy to find which dust monitor is right for you.

23 Mar 2020
DIY Air Quality Sensor
DIY air quality sensor (part I): sensor selection

Lots of people contact us wanting to buy sensors so they can make their own DIY air quality sensor device. Typically they are researchers who have limited funding and need a cheap way to get equipment together for a study. Sometimes they’re just people who like making things and an air quality sensor is their […]

07 Oct 2016
Environmental dust
Choose the right environmental dust monitor: a guide to certification types and classes

Choosing the right environmental dust monitor can be hard. There are different types of dust sampling methods – high volume, low volume, optical, beta attenuation – and there are different levels of certification too. We always get asked – how does this equipment compare to that equipment? What does equivalent mean and how does that […]

17 May 2016
Carl Beck
Aeroqual VP wins 2014 Prime Minister’s Business Scholarship

Congratulations to Aeroqual’s VP of Sales, Marketing and Customer Support, Carl Beck, who has been awarded an international business scholarship by the Prime Minister of New Zealand.

15 Aug 2014