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Particulate Matter Dust Monitoring
Particulate Matter: Why monitor PM10 and PM2.5?

Many of you will have heard people talk about PM10 and PM2.5, but what exactly is it and why should it be measured? We look at the importance of particulate matter, its impacts on human health, and the best ways to measure it to keep people safe.

06 Apr 2020
Aeroqual Cloud Tablet
Met One and Aeroqual combine monitors into a single package

Met One Instruments and Aeroqual have announced the expansion of their partnership that will see the combination of reference and near reference particle monitors into a single integrated air monitoring package.

07 Jan 2020
Should you buy or rent air monitoring equipment
Should you rent or buy air monitoring equipment?

Air monitoring equipment is likely to be one of the biggest expenses for your project. This article compares two different perspectives from reputable consultants on whether to rent or buy air monitoring equipment.

23 Aug 2018
Challenges with electrochemical NO2 sensors in outdoor air monitoring
The challenges with electrochemical NO2 sensors in outdoor air monitoring

With the growing concern of interferences impacting on electrochemical sensors, we look at how Aeroqual manages cross-interference for our GSE NO2 sensors.

23 Jul 2018
Air pollution from ships and ports
Air pollution from ships or ports harbouring a problem?

Ports have long been gateways for global trade and are critical to economies around the world. They are hubs of economic activity; they are also major sources of ship pollution, vehicle emissions, dust and noise. Ports are often close to heavily populated urban areas – which can mean exposing millions of inhabitants to additional pollution. [...]

16 Jan 2017
Air Pollution Modelling
Air pollution modelling: what is it and what can it tell us?

Ever looked at a chimney or stack and wondered how far the plume has an impact? Ever sat in traffic and wondered what the impact of all the vehicles was and how far away that impact was felt? Well air pollution models can help answer those questions. Air pollution modelling in a nutshell Air pollution […]

11 Aug 2016
Photochemical smog Ozone (O3) and Particulate Matter PM2.5
Photochemical smog pollution: The need for ozone and PM2.5 monitoring

Ozone (O3) and Particulate Matter PM2.5 are a powerful combination to monitor air pollution for, as they may have serious health impacts individually, it’s when they are put together they’re important contributors to photochemical smog – that thick, brown haze which blankets many polluted cities worldwide, especially in summer, and still, sunny days in winter. The […]

18 Jul 2016
what is BTEX
What is BTEX and why is it important?

Many monitoring projects call for monitoring of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). VOCs is a collective term given to organic compounds, which have high vapour pressure and become gases at ambient pressure and temperatures. VOCs are commonly monitored as they are a key contributor in photochemical smog. Many are hazardous to human health, with several classified […]

22 Jun 2016
Air Quality Index
What is an air quality index and what are the benefits?

Air quality data is often complex and confusing – there are multiple pollutants, several units and all sorts of different standards. All of these factors take professionals a while to get their heads around, and these are people that work with data and instruments every day! The challenge is therefore to convert all this valuable […]

01 Apr 2016
Mobile monitoring
The benefits of mobile air quality monitoring

As pressure on air quality increases, flexible and dynamic techniques are required to understand variation in air quality. New mobile air quality monitoring techniques are allowing us to intensively describe air quality, rather than relying on fixed sites to provide a representative picture of air quality. Mobile monitoring allows more opportunity to assess air quality […]

15 Jan 2016
International air quality standards: how do they compare?

Just as air quality varies depending on where you are in the world, so to do the air quality standards. In this blogpost we’ll talk about the different standards in effect around the globe, how they compare, and who in the world has the toughest standards (as well as the weakest). What is an air […]

30 Sep 2015
Quarry dust image
Why monitor mine, construction and quarry dust in real-time?

Quarries, rock crushing operations, major earthworks and open cast mines are by nature a dusty business. Unearthing and moving thousands of tonnes of soil and aggregate each day results in high levels of dust on-site and at the boundary. For sites bordering populated areas, fugitive dust emissions can become a source of tension between site managers […]

02 Jul 2015