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Simon Allen Aeroqual VP & GM North America
Aeroqual Appoints VP & GM North America, Affirms Commitment to Growth in the Region

Aeroqual is pleased to announce the appointment of Simon Allen as VP & GM of North America. This new role, based in California, together with the opening of the Aeroqual Service Center in Chicago, boosts our commitment to support our channel partners and improve the air quality for people across North America.

06 May 2021
Aeroqual Shipping American Service Centre
Aeroqual Launches New Service Center

With the launch of our new Aeroqual service center, all our channel partners are set to enjoy faster shipping of hardware and replacement parts, minimizing downtime and keeping your operations online.

30 Mar 2021
Remote Air Monitoring On Construction Sites: Resilience and ConTech Meet New Challenges

For the construction sector to survive and thrive beyond COVID-19, companies must implement systems-thinking approaches which mitigate risks to people and projects, provide access to real-time data from anywhere, and leverage new technologies to gain higher efficiencies and save costs.

05 May 2020
Disrupting the consultancy model-data-city
Disrupting the Consultancy Model

The pace of technology in the air monitoring world is not only outstripping the ability of people to respond to the changes, but it is also modifying existing behaviours and introducing new players into the mix.

18 Nov 2019
Vice-Chair of U.S. A&WMA, Bernadette Shahin, Joins Aeroqual

To keep up with the demand for real-time sensor-based instruments, the Aeroqual team is rapidly growing, especially in the United States. Bernadette Shahin joins us as our new Senior Applications Manager, based in Los Angeles, California.

22 Aug 2019
Drew Dintaman to Accelerate Aeroqual’s US Momentum

With the growing demand in the United States and ensuring that Aeroqual customers receive world-class support, Aeroqual has appointed Drew Dintaman as the company’s business development lead in the Eastern United States.

04 Jul 2019
Is this the End for the Specialist Consultant?

Aeroqual’s VP of Sales, Paul Pickering shares his experience at the A&WMA & AIHA 23rd Annual Joint Technical Conference, focused on the growing need for multi discipline consultants and solutions.

24 Apr 2019
Rule 1466 compliance & SCAQMD: 3 Simple Steps

All earth-moving operations at notified remediation sites in California involve Rule 1466 compliance. This article highlights the 3 simple steps that you need to follow to comply with Rule 1466.

16 Apr 2019
Consultants Need to Become Better Educators

Environmental consultants have always had some level of community interaction. What’s changed is a shift in the balance of power towards the public and this has all sorts of ramifications for the air testing community.

22 Mar 2019
DER-10 and Community Air Monitoring – What you need to know

This blog post explains the DER-10 regulation, how it applies to remediation sites in New York, and what air monitoring equipment can help you comply with these standards.

15 Mar 2019
Black and white smart city with network connections, communication technology concept
Air Sensor Technology – Opportunity or Threat for Environmental Consultants?

The air quality consulting industry is experiencing an age of disruption. Disruption brought about by increased accessibility to low-cost air monitoring equipment, growing public awareness, activism, and greater regulation.

11 Dec 2018
Air Monitoring at Remediation Sites - What I Learned from a Visit to GowanusAir Monitoring at Remediation Sites ꟷ What I Learned from a Visit to Gowanus
Air Monitoring at Remediation Sites – What I learned from a visit to Gowanus, NYC

Remediation of contaminated land sites and waterways, like the Gowanus Canal, can pose a serious chemical exposure risk to on-site workers, neighboring communities and the surrounding ecology.

16 Nov 2018
SCAQMD Rule 1466 - Remediation site air monitoring
Rule 1466 – Everything you need to know about SCAQMD Rule 1466

South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) adopted Rule 1466, which sets out to minimize off-site fugitive dust emissions from earth-moving activities at sites containing specific toxic air contaminants.

26 Oct 2018
Part 1: Why monitor NO2 and PM at construction sites?

Part 1 of this blog series discusses how these pollutants occur on construction sites, the impact on our health and environment, and what monitoring regulations apply.

14 Sep 2017
Part 2: Methods for monitoring NO2 and PM at construction sites

The first blog in this series addressed two critical air pollutants, nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and fine particulate matter (PM), how they occur on construction sites, impact on health and environment, and what monitoring regulations apply. In this post we discuss the principal methods used to measure NO2 and PM and their relevance to monitoring in [...]

14 Sep 2017
Part 3: Installing NO2 and PM monitors around a construction site – when, where and how many?

In this blog series, Part 1 explained how construction activities can generate harmful emissions of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and particulate matter (PM), and what monitoring regulations apply. Part 2 discussed principal NO2 and PM monitoring techniques, and guidance for selecting appropriate methods for construction and demolition sites. In this final post, we look at siting [...]

14 Sep 2017
Ozone Pollution
Why do I have an ozone pollution problem (and what can I do about it)?

This is a question we often get asked. Especially by people intent on safely sterilizing locations or in less built-up areas and are surprised to find they have an ozone pollution problem which they associate with big cities. Ozone formation and dispersion is complex and is influenced by many factors. We wrote this blogpost to […]

17 Nov 2016
Air pollution in India
Why air pollution in India requires compact monitoring stations

I recently returned from a tour of India which took in the megacities of New Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, plus the smaller cities of Pune and Vishakhapatnam. What struck me most on this trip was the depth of air pollution knowledge from people in the street. Locals in hotels, bars and airports chatted about PM10 […]

09 Jun 2016
Melbourne CASANZ conference
CASANZ embraces next generation air monitoring

September 20-23 saw the 22nd International Clear Air and Environment Conference come to Melbourne, Australia. This biennial conference, also dubbed CASANZ 2015, was a collaboration of the Clean Air Society of Australia and New Zealand (CASANZ) and the Federal Australian Government. With the theme of New Frontiers, this conference and exhibition was designed to demonstrate […]

29 Oct 2015