Improving Your Indoor Air Quality: The LEED/WELL Building Standard Explained

International green building organizations have developed standards like WELL and LEED to help improve the quality of our indoor air. These standards provide a

Dec 21, 2020
New Nitrogen Dioxide Sensor for Interference-free Measurements

Introducing our new gas-sensitive electrochemical (GSE) nitrogen dioxide sensor head. Measure the air without the cross-interference from ozone, for a more precise and accurate

Sep 17, 2020
New High Range Ozone Sensor for Ozone Sterilization Applications

Introducing our new 0-30 ppm (high-range) electrochemical ozone sensor head for sterilization processes, compatible with our current ozone monitors. 

Sep 3, 2020
The AQM is 10 years old – and the air sensor industry is growing up too

Ten years ago the AQM air quality station was born. The AQM was unlike all other monitoring stations before it (and all since). Instead

Dec 3, 2018