Rule 1466 Amendments: Everything You Need to Know

Rule 1466, established by the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) and designed to minimize dust emissions during earth-moving activities, has undergone a

Aug 24, 2021
Oregon OSHA Enacts New Emergency Wildfire Smoke Rules

As seasonal wildfires continue to blaze throughout the West Coast of the United States, Oregon OSHA has issued a series of temporary rules to

Aug 18, 2021
Improving the Reliability of Sensor Readings in Community Air Monitoring

In understanding why changes in temperature and humidity can cause unwanted fluctuations in sensor readings, we can better equip community air monitoring networks to

Jun 8, 2021
Aeroqual Appoints VP & GM North America, Affirms Commitment to Growth in the Region

Aeroqual is pleased to announce the appointment of Simon Allen as VP & GM of North America. This new role, based in California, together

May 6, 2021
Producing Defensible Data: The Importance of Keeping Calibration Certificates Up to Date

By designing your maintenance program around recommended calibration/servicing intervals, you can be confident of producing good quality data. Read the blog to find out

Apr 29, 2021
Aeroqual Launches New Service Center

With the launch of our new Aeroqual service center, all our channel partners are set to enjoy faster shipping of hardware and replacement parts,

Mar 30, 2021
People Power – Air Quality Mitigation Strategies for Communities

Here are some of the more popular air quality mitigation strategies communities can use to curb the effects of air pollution and preserve public

Feb 16, 2021
Indoor Air Quality: LEED vs WELL Building Standard

International green building organizations have developed standards like WELL and LEED to help improve the quality of our indoor air. These standards provide a

Dec 21, 2020
New Nitrogen Dioxide Sensor for Interference-free Measurements

Introducing our new gas-sensitive electrochemical (GSE) nitrogen dioxide sensor head. Measure the air without the cross-interference from ozone, for a more precise and accurate

Sep 17, 2020
New High Range Ozone Sensor for Ozone Sterilization Applications

Introducing our new 0-30 ppm (high-range) electrochemical ozone sensor head for sterilization processes, compatible with our current ozone monitors. 

Sep 3, 2020
Met One and Aeroqual combine monitors into a single package

Met One Instruments and Aeroqual have announced the expansion of their partnership that will see the combination of reference and near reference particle monitors

Jan 7, 2020
Disrupting the Consultancy Model

The pace of technology in the air monitoring world is not only outstripping the ability of people to respond to the changes, but it

Nov 18, 2019
Double award recognition for Aeroqual in air quality innovation and global growth success

Aeroqual, a global leader in air quality monitoring systems, features in the TIN 100 Absolute IT Supreme Scale-up Awards for 2019, as announced at

Nov 13, 2019
Insights from Clean Air Society’s Bi-Annual Conference

The Aeroqual team share their experiences attending the bi-annual International Clean Air and Environmental Conference run by CASANZ (Clean Air Society of Australia and

Oct 10, 2019
Vice-Chair of U.S. A&WMA, Bernadette Shahin, Joins Aeroqual

To keep up with the demand for real-time sensor-based instruments, the Aeroqual team is rapidly growing, especially in the United States. Bernadette Shahin joins

Aug 22, 2019
Where are Air Quality Sensor Guidelines and Standards Heading?

Aeroqual’s Chief Technology Officer and co-founder, Geoff Henshaw, recently attended a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency workshop to talk about standards and guidelines for air

Aug 13, 2019
Consultant Opportunity: Grants Available for CARB AB 617

There is currently an opportunity for consultants to partner with companies to apply for grants available from California Air Resources Board (CARB) for Community

Jul 31, 2019
Driving Winds of Change at A&WMA Annual Conference

The Aeroqual team share their experiences attending the International Air & Waste Management Association (A&WMA) conference held in Quebec City.

Jul 31, 2019
Drew Dintaman to Accelerate Aeroqual’s US Momentum

With the growing demand in the United States and ensuring that Aeroqual customers receive world-class support, Aeroqual has appointed Drew Dintaman as the company’s

Jul 4, 2019
Is this the End for the Specialist Consultant?

Aeroqual’s VP of Sales, Paul Pickering shares his experience at the A&WMA & AIHA 23rd Annual Joint Technical Conference, focused on the growing need

Apr 24, 2019
Rule 1466 compliance & SCAQMD: 3 Simple Steps

All earth-moving operations at notified remediation sites in California involve Rule 1466 compliance. This article highlights the 3 simple steps that you need to

Apr 16, 2019
Consultants Need to Become Better Educators

Environmental consultants have always had some level of community interaction. What’s changed is a shift in the balance of power towards the public and

Mar 22, 2019
DER-10 and Community Air Monitoring – What you need to know

This blog post explains the DER-10 regulation, how it applies to remediation sites in New York, and what air monitoring equipment can help you

Mar 15, 2019
A Beginner’s Guide to NOx, NO and NO2 as Air Pollutants

This article looks at the differences between NOX, NO and NO2, and how each one of these gases impacts the environment and ultimately affecting

Dec 13, 2018
Air Sensor Technology – Opportunity or Threat for Environmental Consultants?

The air quality consulting industry is experiencing an age of disruption. Disruption brought about by increased accessibility to low-cost air monitoring equipment, growing public

Dec 11, 2018
The AQM is 10 years old – and the air sensor industry is growing up too

Our AQM is 10 years old. We look back at the journey of our AQM air quality station, the challenges faced and the road

Dec 3, 2018
Air Monitoring at Remediation Sites – What I learned from a visit to Gowanus, NYC

Remediation of contaminated land sites and waterways, like the Gowanus Canal, can pose a serious chemical exposure risk to on-site workers, neighboring communities and

Nov 16, 2018
Rule 1466 – Everything you need to know about SCAQMD Rule 1466

South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) adopted Rule 1466, which sets out to minimize off-site fugitive dust emissions from earth-moving activities at sites

Oct 26, 2018
Should you rent or buy air monitoring equipment?

Air monitoring equipment is likely to be one of the biggest expenses for your project. This article compares two different perspectives from reputable consultants

Aug 23, 2018
The challenges with electrochemical NO2 sensors in outdoor air monitoring

With the growing concern of interferences impacting on electrochemical sensors, we look at how Aeroqual manages cross-interference for our GSE NO2 sensors.

Jul 23, 2018
AQ-SPEC evaluates Aeroqual’s AQY sensors

Aeroqual has always been committed to a measurement-first approach and with confidence in the data quality produced by our monitors, we wanted to independently

May 25, 2018
U.S. EPA and Aeroqual will work together for low cost air quality sensor future

We are excited to say that we are collaborating with the United States Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA) to accelerate towards the future of

Mar 28, 2018
Postcard from L.A. – the highs and lows of building a 100 air quality sensor network in Los Angeles

We’ve teamed up with SCAQMD, UCLA and several LA community groups to set up a network of 100 air quality sensors in communities throughout

Mar 16, 2018