Why do I have an ozone pollution problem (and what can I do about it)?

This is a question we often get asked. Especially by people who are in less built up areas and are surprised to find they

Nov 17, 2016
What’s best for measuring ozone, electrochemical sensors or HMOS?

Electrochemical sensors and heated metal oxide sensors (HMOS) are the two leading technologies for low cost measurement of ozone. Both sensor types have strengths

Sep 8, 2016
Photochemical smog: the need for ozone and PM2.5 monitoring

Ozone (O3) and Particulate Matter PM2.5 are a powerful combination to monitor together. Not only do they have serious health impacts individually, when put together

Jul 18, 2016
Is ozone good or bad? A quick guide to ozone measurement

We produced this animated video to explain why more and more people are wanting to measure ozone. Is ozone good or bad? Often it’s

Feb 18, 2016